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予防医学のアンファーと共同開発Joint development with Angfa,
known for its preventive medicine products

SonoRepro(ソノリプロ)は、落合陽一が代表を務めるピクシーダストテクノロジーズの技術と、予防医学のアンファーの頭髪研究を組み合わせ共同開発した、超音波による振動で頭皮を刺激する家庭用ヘアケア・スカルプケアデバイスですSonoRepro is a home hair care scalp care device that stimulates the scalp with ultrasonic waves. It was jointly developed by combining the ultrasonic technology of Pixie Dust Technologies headed by Yoichi Ochiai and the hair research of Angfa, a preventive medicine company.

1日1分間、頭皮の気になる部分(生え際・つむじなど)をクイックにケア。男女問わずご使用いただけます。Please use it for 1 minute a day on the part of the head that bothers you(hairline, whirlpool, etc.). It can be used by both men and women. It is an advanced technology for daily care.


Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. × アンファー

  • Device

    “SonoRepro” is an ultrasonic scalp care device for home use. The air vibration (sound) of about 40,000 times/second is amplitude-modulated and vibrates the skin without any contact. It can also be used on minoxidil-applied heads.


Our proprietary technology “Non-Contact Vibrotactile Stimulation” introduced to D clinic, an expert in thinning hair/AGA treatment

SonoReproは、2021年からDクリニックに導入されている「非接触振動圧刺激装置」を小型化し、ご家庭での本格的なヘアケアを実現したデバイスです。SonoRepro is a miniaturized version of the “Non-Contact Vibrotactile Stimulation”, a device that has been introduced in D Clinic since 2021 to provide real hair care at home.

非接触振動圧刺激は、空中を伝わる超音波を利用して非接触で皮膚を刺激する技術です。独自のヘキサゴン構造により、デバイスに搭載された61個の超音波スピーカーが発する超音波を集束させ、頭皮を刺激します。Non-contact vibrotactile stimulation is the technology that uses ultrasonic waves transmitted through the air to stimulate the skin without any physical contact. The proprietary hexagonal structure concentrates the ultrasonic waves emitted from the 61 ultrasonic transducers mounted on the device to stimulate the head.

この技術は、機械的な刺激に対する生体の関係を研究する学問であるメカノバイオロジーに基づきます。私たちピクシーダストテクノロジーズは、長年にわたって超音波の研究に取り組んできました。超音波による微弱な振動とメカノバイオロジーのメカニズムに迫る研究を進めながら、次世代の製品開発に活かしています。This technology is based on mechanobiology, the research field of the response of a living body to mechanical stimulation. Pixie Dust Technologies has been involved in research on ultrasonic for many years. Our recent research has revealed that ultrasonic waves have a useful effect on a living body even when the stimulation is as weak as the level at which ultrasonic waves generate, which has led us to further research that will get us closer to finding its mechanism so that we can utilize such knowledge for next-generation product development.

*非接触振動圧刺激装置は医療機器ではありません。*Noncontact Vibration Pressure Stimulator is not a medical device.

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    Scalp care device born from
    Ultrasound Research



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    アカデミア発、社会実装への挑戦Challenge of Social Implementation
    of Academia-launched Technology

    Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. CEO

    落合 陽一Yoichi Ochiai

How To UseSonoReproの使い方

  • Step1

    デバイスにACアダプターを接続し、電源プラグをコンセントに挿してから、デバイスの電源ボタンをONにします。Connect the AC adapter to the device, plug the power plug into an outlet, and turn on the device’s power button.

  • Step2

    頭皮に1分間、デバイスを動かさず当ててください。使用中はLEDランプが点滅します。1分ごとに振動で通知し、最大5カ所ケアできます。5分経過で自動的に電源オフになるタイマー機能付きです。Place the device on your scalp for 1 minute without moving it. The LED lamp will flash while in use. The device notifies you every minute by vibration and up to 5 areas can be treated one time. The power will be automatically turned off in 5 minutes.

  • Dairy Care

    頭皮に触れるスペーサーは取り外して水で丸ごと洗え、清潔に保てます。使用後はデバイスにホコリが入るのを防ぐためカバーをして保管してください。The spacer that touches the scalp can be removed and washed entirely with water to keep it clean. After use, keep the device covered to prevent dust.



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ECモールEC Mall
サロンBeauty Salon
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Qサイズ・重量はどれくらいですか?What is the size and weight?
本体サイズ:約W:111mm × D:78mm × H:235mm
Please see below.
Body size: approx. W:111mm x D:78mm x H:235mm
Body weight: approx. 260g (approx. 290g with cover attached)
Qお風呂など水に濡れる場所でも使えますか?Is that ok to use the product in wet locations such as a bathroom?
A防水仕様ではないため、水に濡れない場所でお使いください。Since the product is not waterproof, please use it in places where it can stay dry.
Q女性も使えますか?Is it safe for a female to use the product?
A性別にかかわらずどなたでもご使用いただけます。ただし、お子様へのご使用はお控えください。It can be used by anyone regardless of gender. However, it should not be used on children.
Q妊娠中や産後の時期でも使えますか?Can it be used during pregnancy and the postpartum period?
Aご使用いただいて問題ありません。もしも照射中に不快感を感じたら、使用を中止してください。There is no problem in using the product. If you experience any discomfort during irradiation, discontinue use.
Q家族で共有できますか?Can I share the product with my family?
A共有いただけます。その場合は、必ず頭に触れるスペーサーをお手入れしてからお使いください。Yes. If you do so, please make sure to take care of the spacer that touches your head before use.
Q頭皮以外にも使えますか?Can I use the product anywhere other than on my scalp?
A頭皮以外への使用は想定していません。特に目や耳には当てないでください。It is intended for use on the scalp only. In particular, do not apply it to the eyes or ears.
Q使用中、熱さや痛みはありますか?Do I feel any heat or pain during use?
The ultrasonic stimulation is slight and we have confirmed that you can use the device comfortably, but if you feel any discomfort, please discontinue use. Also, stop using the device if the device itself or the irradiated area feels hot.
Q使用頻度や時間帯など、おすすめの使い方はありますか?Do you have any recommendations for frequency of use, time of day, etc.?
A1日1回、5分間を目安にお使いください。 生え際や分け目・つむじなど、ケアしたい箇所1箇所につき1分間動かさずに当てます。 1分経過すると持ち手が振動するので、次の場所に移動して、同じように当ててください。
Use once a day for 5 minutes. Apply without moving for 1 minute to each area to be treated, such as the hairline, parting of the hairline, and the whirlpool. After one minute, the handle will vibrate, so move to the next spot and apply in the same manner.
You can use it at any time of the day, morning, noon, or night.
The hair care device is not waterproof, so please use it on dry hair as much as possible.
There is no limit to the number of times or duration of use, but it is designed to be used for one minute per area. It is not necessarily better to use it more frequently or for longer periods of time, so please incorporate it into your daily care routine to the extent that you can comfortably use it.
Qどのくらいの期間、使用を続けるといいですか?How long should I continue to use it?
We recommend that you start by using it continuously every day at the same time for about 1 to 2 months.
*There are individual differences.
QSonoReproを確認できる場所はありますか?Is there a place I can check SonoRepro?
A 下記の店舗にてSonoReproの実機を確認・体験いただけます。

二子玉川 蔦屋家電 / 広島 T-SITE
SonoRepro is available at the following stores.
You can check and experience the actual SonoRepro and purchase it on the spot, so please try it out at the stores.
Futakotamagawa Tsutaya / HIROSHIMA T-SITE
-Bic Camera
Available stores
-Yodobashi Camera
Available at all stores
Official site
QSonoReproをレンタル‧サブスクリプションできますか?Can I rent/subscribe to SonoRepro?
A 下記のサイトで可能です。

Pixie Dust Technologies Official Store
airCloset Mall(エアクロモール)

Rental or subscription is available at the following sites.
Conditions differ for each site, so please check the conditions for each site.

- Pixie Dust Technologies Official Store
- airCloset Mall
- Rentio
- kikito
- Geo(arekore rental)
- Subsclife
- Rentoco
Q公式サイト以外でも購入できますか?Can I buy the product somewhere other than the official web store?
A A: Amazon楽天 でも購入可能です。(アンファーストアに遷移します) You can buy it on Amazon and Rakuten.
(Redirecting to the angfa store)


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